The one thing you can do for your Company

People are the difference !!!

Up until recently, if you spoke to most successful business people, they would have told you that creating a successful business is all about having a unique product or service, a strong online presence, financial stability, excellent customer service and a good team.

They might even have added that having the right systems, software and processes will contribute to making the business successful.  That’s all true but do they make the greatest contribution?

When you analyse it, you realise that logistics, operations, systems, products and even business models can be copied by competitors.  What can’t be copied is the people who work for you.  

Companies can do their best to be unique, but at the end of the day it is the people behind the organisation, running and working in the company, using computers and on the phones that the difference.

The CEO’s and leadership teams of companies have to give more than lip-service to the much-vaunted phrase that “people are our most important asset”. Without wanting to sound too dramatic, their company’s very survival depends on their genuine commitment to attract and maintain an engaged, aligned and committed workforce.

We understand that at HiddenCove.  We are committed to sustaining a culture that is focussed on the foundation of enabling the success of others.  A culture that helps to attract amazing people into our fold because as an organisation we help individuals to amplify their abilities and to do their best work.

The cornerstone of our culture is what we call “Be Aware” and you don’t have to join Hiddencove to be aware.  

Those two words can have a dramatic impact on our own behaviour, that of others and the outcomes that result.

We ask everyone in our organisation to think what their world would be like if they were fully aware of the contribution they can make to every situation in which they are involved?

We ask them to “Be Aware”

  • of how they turn up. Are they present in the moment?  Are they enthusiastic and engaged?
  • of what needs to be done. What can they do to be a valuable contributor?
  • of the people around them.  What pressures are those people feeling?
  • of the perspective of others.  How can they overcome their built-in bias and create a better outcome?  
  • that everyone has good ideas.  How can they be open-minded and create a better outcome?
  • of what success look like for the client. How can they remind themselves of the bigger picture?

So what we must do is be aware of our side of the equation of our interations with our team members, our clients, our partners….everyone……be aware of our responsibility and BE that way.