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Change management

Change is constant. With innovations in technology, changes in markets and methodologies, the corporate landscape is constantly evolving. It only makes sense that business adapt to these changes or get left behind. Indeed, the business that adapt the quickest often carve out a competitive edge for themselves, while the ones mired in the inertia of the old ways, […]

How to make ‘offshoring’ work for you

Love it or loathe it, offshoring in the telecommunications industry is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. However, offshoring is not always the best way to cut costs. It’s true that by outsourcing activities such as software architecture, operations and even R&D, technology companies can become more competitive. But significant savings can […]

Splunk Live

Hidden Cove was invited to attend Splunk Live Melbourne – and all day event showing off the abilities of Splunk across multiple uses. The information particularly around where data is coming from and how it can be utilised offered fascinating insights…and showed how AR-based visualisations will be a potential future tool.

AR and Appearition

As part of our sister company, Appearition’s AR activities, Hidden Cove were given a rare glimpse of the power of AR via demonstration of its commercial applications. The technology is incredible and can be utilised across most industries for valuable ROI. Check out www.appearition.com.au for info on how it works.

New appointments at Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members of the team – Albert Kalaja and Scott Brown After a successful career to date in business growth and strategy, as well as building and leading diverse teams, Albert has joined Hidden Cove as its COO to manage the next growth phase for […]