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Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Space

Digital transformation in the telecommunications industry is the digitalisation of services offered by telco companies such as text messaging and calling, offered through various competitor apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat. The introduction of these apps is a threat to the telecommunications industry not only because it offers direct competition, but also because these […]

The impact of 5G technology on Telecommunications industry

The evolution of cellular mobile networks – from 2G when text messaging and mobile data were first offered at the kbps scale, to 3G where faster transmission of data including the ability to video call was available, to 4G which offered even higher data transmission rates at the mbps scale – has resulted in a […]

Why businesses should adopt automation

Automation in the workplace is the use of robotics and control systems to allow seamless and autonomous operation. While the industrial revolution introduced automation in manufacturing – such as the use of robots on the shop floor for the assembly of automobile parts – automation is now receiving attention for its potential to add value […]