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Back to the Future – People really are a company’s most valuable asset

Albert Kalaja, COO, Hidden Cove Solutions, writes about his experience on People, growth and change management: Talk to most successful business people and they’ll tell you that creating a successful business is all about having a unique product or service, a strong online presence, financial stability and excellent customer service. They might even add that […]

Hidden Cove: The journey so far and ahead

It all started 13 years ago when Vivek Aiyer, a 28-year-old network engineer decided to take the entrepreneurial leap by creating new software-based tools to efficiently rollout 3G related hardware. ‘I have always been innately curious about people and technology. Whether it’s about how something works or what steps someone takes to do their job […]

Change management

Change is constant. With innovations in technology, changes in markets and methodologies, the corporate landscape is constantly evolving. It only makes sense that business adapt to these changes or get left behind. Indeed, the business that adapt the quickest often carve out a competitive edge for themselves, while the ones mired in the inertia of the old ways, […]